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Access attachment control not working

Edward paul
December 4, 2020
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Does your access database attachment control is not working properly? Looking for some quick fixes to resolve this issue? Stick to this post to get an answer to all your queries regarding access attachment control not working issue.

For a more clear idea about the issue just check out this practical scenario:

I am working with Access 2007 and need to add an attachment field to an existing subform. I have added an attachment field to the underlying table and it works fine.

I added the field to the subform, but it does nothing when I double-click on it - no error or anything. When I right-click on it, the manage attachments option is disabled.

I went back to the table and was able to successfully attach a Word document, but when I looked at it through the form, the document did not show up.

I do have another Word document that is attached as an OLE object and wasn't sure if that was causing the problem, so I created another form from the same main table and subtable and the attachment field works perfectly.

I cannot figure out what could be causing this not to work. What I want to do is eventually get rid of the OLE objects and have only the attachments, but don't want to delete the OLE objects until I am sure the attachments are in and working properly.

What’s the use of attachments in Access?

In the Access database, attachments are mainly used to save multiple files within one single field. It allows you to save several types of files in the attachment field.

Here is an example to have a clear idea of this. For example, you are having a database of job contacts. With the attachment option, you can attach resumes and photos together in each contact of your Access database record. So all in all, access attachment data type is the best option if you want to save more than the basic information within a single field. But sometimes this amazing feature stops working and this ultimately leads to generating issues in adding the attachments in the records.

What problems do you face when access attachment is not working?

  • If any problem occurs in the access attachment data type, then it will bloat the database which is quite hard to manage.
  • Any problem with the access attachment data type also leads to the corruption of the Access database.

How to fix the issue?

Following are some best fixes to resolve the issue.

Fix 1 Add attachment field In datasheet view

  • Open the Access table in the datasheet view after that hit the first available blank column present here.

For easy fetching of the first blank column just search for the text “Add New Field” in the header column.

  • Hit the datasheet view tab, and then get into the Data Type & Formatting.
  • Just tap the down arrow assign which is present next to the data type option. Now hit the attachment option.
  • Access will now set the attachment data type for your selected field. In the header row of field, an attachment icon seems to appear.
  • In below figure you can see the new attachment field. You will see the paper clip icon within the field’s header row.
  • By default, you are not allowed to enter any text within the attachment field’s header row.
  • Now save all the changes you have done.

Remember: don’t try to convert a new field to another data type. But you have the option to delete an error having field.

Fix 2 Try to add attachment field in design view

  • From the navigation pane of Access database window, just select the table in which you have to do the changes and make a right-click on it.
  • Now tap the menu ViewDesign View.
  • Now from the Field Name column, just choose the blank row. After that assigned name to the Attachment field.
  • By being in the same row choose the Data TypeAttachment option.
  • Save all the changes that you have done.
  • Hit the Design tab and then go to the Views group. Tap the arrow key present within the view button. Tap on the datasheet view option to open the table in the datasheet view.

Fix 3 Repair corrupt access attachment

Chances are also that the issue due to the occurrence of some corruption issue.

In this case, you can use a database repair software which is mainly designed to repair or damaged database files. The powerful algorithm of this tool can also repair severely corrupted Access database files. It also has a highly interactive GUI that helps users to easily operate and repair Access database without making changes in the original structure of the file. It easily restores damaged or corrupt tables, queries, indexes, and other data.