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What this blog is not for

Arseni Mourzenko
Founder and lead developer, specializing in developer productivity and code quality
September 26, 2016
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This blog is a good place for rants and detailed analysis of specific subjects (but mostly for rants), I always found it a bad place for short textual content or content consisting mostly or exclusively of media.

For instance, if I want to recommend a book here, I feel obligated to describe the book in high detail, talk about what I liked about it, maybe even quote a few paragraphs. However, there are cases where I don't have much interesting to say to fill an article or don't have time to talk about a book in detail.

Similarly, some projects I do will never appear in this blog, because there is no enough stuff for a real article.

The fact that Pelican Design & Development's corporate website is way too outdated, not only because it wasn't changed since 2013, but also because the company simply doesn't exist, pushed me to finally replace it entirely. I should have done it years ago, instead of letting so many persons believe that I'm still a freelancer, but, well, better late than never.

When I started working on the new website, my major issue was to find the content. What do I want to show to people? I was pretty sure two things were essential: a short presentation, explaining who I am and what Pelican Design & Development actually was, and a list of projects that I can extend over time (in my dreams, I would actually be able to index dozens and dozens of projects I worked on). And then, I thought that this could also be an opportunity to include something which is similar to a blog, but for content which is much less textual, and much more media-oriented.

I'm happy to announce that the new version of the website is now online. For now, it has only three “media-centered” articles, but more will arrive progressively, like this blog have seen more and more articles over time. Just like this blog, the website was made responsive to be used comfortably on smartphones and tablets. A print version isn't available yet, but may be released later.

This is just the first step, and new features and content will follow. One interesting thing would be to completely redesign my profile description, since neither the PDF version of my resume, nor the Careers profile are, in my opinion, representative enough of what I did and what I do now.