How to fix VLC video freezes, audio continues problem

Alex Waston
March 21, 2021
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This ar­ti­cle ex­plains how to fix the is­sue where VLC video freezes, but the au­dio con­tin­ues to play.

Up­date VLC play­er

When­ev­er you come across any type of is­sue while play­ing a video in a VLC play­er, then, first of all, en­sure that the VLC play­er is up-to-up­date. If it is not, then up­date the VLC me­dia play­er, as the lat­est ver­sion will re­pair a se­ries of prob­lems. To do so, here are the easy steps:

If this ba­sic so­lu­tion won’t help you to re­solve the prob­lem, then you can pro­ceed to the next one.

Im­prove val­ue of file caching

Some­times, the VLC me­dia play­er needs to pre­load the parts of a video file even if it’s saved on your lo­cal dri­ve. In­creas­ing the caching val­ue could help you to fix the prob­lem. Here are the steps:

Au­to­mat­ic fix

The Video Re­pair Tool is an easy-to-use pro­gram for Win­dows & Mac. It has the abil­i­ty to fix cor­rupt & non-play­ing video files stored with­in the SD card, flash dri­ve, hard dri­ve, and oth­er stor­age me­dia.